Primary Teachers

"I've never seen my students so engaged or well behaved for an entire lesson before!"
- Teacher, Indigenous Community Primary School, Far North Queensland (TSR Program)

"Can you please come back every week?  I had no idea that our kindergarten children could concentrate and participate in a music lesson for the full hour.  The activities were great and all of the props, movement, songs and instruments held their attention - they loved it!"
- Teacher, Indigenous Kindergarten, Far North Queensland (TSR Program)


Lena's program "helps our students learn together, support each other also. It helps their confidence grow,
they feel safe as a group.
  It gives then time for happiness and growth socially. It’s a calm environment,
they overcome feelings of embarrassment. Students start off overwhelmed and they don't want to participate,
then go to being the ones that love it the most. It gives them creative freedom to be expressive also.

- Teacher, St Albans Heights (TSR Program)


"This dramatically helps with their behaviour. Success is key."
- Teacher, St Albans Heights (TSR Program)

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"Thank you for making me feel better about myself"  
- Student, 12.

"I am never alone and belong in every activity"
Student, 10

"It is a safe and fun place to have fun"
- Student, 13

"I feel belonged and calm because we do stuff that helps with our bodies"
- Student, 10

"Every Friday afternoon my whole class has African drumming with Lena. I really love going to these lessons because I love the sound of the drums... We do singing, drumming and sometimes dancing.  Lena teaches us all sorts of amazing songs in African languages.  Drumming is definitely my favourite class at school.  I think more schools should do some kind of music from another country, because it's really enjoyable and you learn so much about that country and its culture."
- student, 12



“Thank you Lena for all your hard work throughout this year, for your professional approach,
and inspiring passion for the work that you

Throughout the year, you have provided a unique and inspirational experience for young clients, with many benefits to them and the local community. From the report, it is evident that you are attuned to the ever changing and evolving face of the region and the hardships and challenges the new and emerging communities face.
The organisation demonstrated a proactive and collaborative approach in engaging clients and stakeholders
assisting to address these challenges.”

- Grants Manager, Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Grants Program, Department of Immigration and Citizenship (TSR Program)



“I would like to thank you for your outstanding session on
‘Using The Arts for Classroom Behaviour Management & Student Engagement’.  
As part of the University of South Australia Arts education team I would like to acknowledge the
positive learning impact you had on the large cohort of students that attended the session today.
Your session on body movement and drama techniques that were linked to STEM and Literacy were insightful…  The tools presented today will support our student-teacher cohort to address classroom
behaviour management and student engagement.

I look forward to more sessions for our students.”

- Dr Belinda MacGill, lecturer in Arts Education at the School of Education, Uni of SA (TSR Workshop)



“Every week the children look forward to the Friday music class, waiting for Lena’s arrival so they can
help unpack to drums from her car and have an impromptu drumming session at lunch time. Most of the children
had little or no exposure to song writing prior to working with Lena. The children have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to write their very own song for the school. As the school principal, I am particularly grateful to Lena, not too many schools have their own song, written by the students themselves. It has been wonderful to
see so many children express themselves through music. It has been a great opportunity for all of the children,
but especially those who may not always feel they are successful in other subjects such as English and
maths to feel success and be proud of their achievements” 

- Chris Burgess, Principal 


My son “truly shines under your guidance and I thank you enormously for your time and patience.”

Parent – Taradale Primary School


Hi Lena, thanks so much for coming yesterday – it was perfect!!  This afternoon Ada was playing the ukulele and singing a song about how you sang at her party . Everyone enjoyed it, kids and adults alike, and I’ve had lots of beautiful comments about how special you were. Thank you for helping us celebrate Ada’s birthday.”

Parent – Castlemaine after birthday party singing and movement workshop


Teacher Professional Development Participants

“This has been by far THE BEST program I have been involved in and I cannot stress enough that Lena Mitchell is amazing!!
I would like to have seen this go for at least a semester.”
DUET mentoring participant (Performing Arts teacher)

“Lena has created a safe learning environment for not only my students but also for me.”
DUET mentoring participant (generalist teacher)

“Lena always shares resources, answers questions practically and simply, breaks down lessons into easy and achievable steps and has an enthusiasm and passion for music that has inspired my own teaching.”
DUET mentoring participant (Performing Arts teacher)

“Lena was truly amazing! her interactions, warmth and encouragement towards the children were wonderful and captivating! As an educator I learned new ways to incorporate music and puppets into our educational program!”
Family Day Care Educator

"Fantastic & inspiring music session with Lena, my family day care children want to sing the "barramundi" song all the time!”
Family Day Care Educator

 “It was great to see the children and educators so captivated by Lena with her wonderful props and songs for the entire hour. Our family day care educators learnt new songs and stories and were able to breathe new life into their music programs they provide to children”.
Suzanne Blair – Golden Plains Shire Family Day Care Coordinator

“Just a note to say THANK YOU for letting me attend the Shepparton PD on Saturday. 
The presenters were very inspiring. Thank you for organising such a lovely day.”
Claire – Using the Arts for Engagement and Behaviour Management workshop (TSR Workshop)